Thursday, October 15, 2009

How to train your Dragon Clip

How To Train Your DragonA first preview clip of How To Train Your Dragon has leaked online in bootleg version! It was shown at IDF 2009, and it does look awesome:

Removed following request.

Dreamworks is bringing a fantastic movie: I bet we are all gonna be mesmerized and laugh out loud with How To Train Your Dragon!

Just to show that such awesomeness isn't that easy, let's hear Lincoln Wallen, head of research and development at Dreamworks:

"Our teams (Dreamwork’s and Intel’s) have been working together for about a year. It’s been a pretty intense collaboration. We talk about Shrek’s Law, a way of communicating that with each iteration of the Shrek franchise, the power required to meet our creative appetite doubles. There was a dragon in Shrek 1, but in our next movie, dragons are some of the main story characters. Some scenes have more than 1,000 dragons performing at the same time. Our creatives want them to be central characters, able to emote and bond with other characters. The complexity of animation is astounding. We need four times the animation controls."
Lincoln Wallen,
Head of research and development at Dreamworks

Dreamworks rocks! I'm so impatient to watch the movie How To Train your Dragon now!